Westchester Lagoon Potluck Party & Pro-Am Tour – July 07, 2012

2012 Westchester Lagoon Potluck Party & Pro-Am Tour

July 07, 2012

Saturday, July 07, Anchorage Audubon met for one of our favorite yearly events. The Westchester Lagoon Potluck Party and Pro-Am Tour, to tell birding lies and casually stroll around the Westchester Lagoon area with other birders looking for new arrivals.

After everything was devoured on the potluck tables, we choose up sides. 

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Annual Event – April 15-16, 2017

The Gunsight Mountain Hawk Watch Weekend

The Harlan’s Hawk Capitol

of the World!

at MP 118.8 of the Glenn Highway:  10:00 AM

Our Annual Hawk Watch Weekend in collaboration with the Mat-Su Birders will take place this year on April 15 & 16th.   It’s the Greatest Event of the Birding Year in Alaska!

Our Hawk Watch is known as “The Harlan’s Hawk Capital of the World” because you’ll see more Harlan’s Hawks here than anywhere else on Earth.… Read the rest

The Best Alaskan Hawkwatch Article – April 6, 2016

The Best Alaskan Hawkwatch Article

The BEST Article Ever Written on Hawkwatching in Alaska!

the-best-alaskan-hawkwatch-articleA few years back, The American Birding Association’s magazine, Birding, ran an article about our own Gunsight Mountain Hawkwatch by Paul and Cecily Fritz.

The Fritzes led the hawkwatch effort at Gunsight Mountain for many years, and this article describes the site perfectly.  They explain why our hawkwatch is very different from most other hawkwatch sites in the country, which raptors can be seen, when they can be seen, and why the birds even fly in a strangely different direction.… Read the rest

The Hawks Are Here! – April 5, 2016

The Ultimate Hawkwatch at Gunsight Mountain – “The Harlan’s Hawk Capitol of the World”


This year, Hawkwatch International is once again monitoring the Gunsight Mountain Hawkwatch site, but this year it’s bigger than ever.  There will be 2 professional hawk watchers at the site from March 7 until May 15!

Paul and Cecily Fritz dreamed of such a full-scale monitoring effort twenty years ago, and it’s finally happened.… Read the rest

The Big Anchorage Birding Day Results – March, 2016

Saturday – March 20, 2016

The First Day of Spring was Celebrated!

We Came, We Saw, We Birded!

The Big Anchorage Birding Day Results

Another Audubon Cutthroat Competition Entered into the Annals of History!!

What A Day!
…and that’s what we’d expect for a Big Anchorage Day.  Six teams squared off to find the most bird species in Anchorage during 24 hours on the First Day of Spring. 
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NO Audubon Meeting This Thursday – March 17, 2016 – March 14, 2016

NO Audubon Meeting This Thursday – March 17, 2016

Sorry for the confusion, but there is NO Audubon meeting this Thursday.

Our regular meeting has been replaced by Neil Paprocki’s special Hawkwatch Program on SATURDAY – March 19, 2016.


Neil Paprocki from Hawkwatch International

“The Gunsight Mountain Hawkwatch
Monitoring Program for 2016″


Our March 19 Meeting is TOTALLY DIFFERENT this year.… Read the rest

Seward Birding Birding Trip – February 20, 2016

Saturday – February 20, 2016

Anchorage Audubon Society – Annual Winter Field Trip

Seward Birding Birding Trip

Meet in front of the Seward Harbormaster’s restrooms,
located at the south end of the small boat harbor.

Join Aaron Bowman and others for a winter birding excursion to enjoy Seward’s great diversity of wintering birds and the possibility of a few rarities. Come dressed for the weather and the location, prepared for a great day with great birds.
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HawkWatch International – March 7 – May 15, 2016

HawkWatch International

Count Hawks at Gunsight Mountain

at Milepost 118.8 of the Glenn Highway 

HawkWatch International

HawkWatch International

This spring, a decades-long goal will finally happen.  We have always wanted to do a complete and thorough HawkWatch for an entire season at Gunsight Mountain.  This year, thanks to Neil Paprocki, it will become a reality!
Neil monitored our HawkWatch site for 2 weeks last spring, and this year Neil will return with TWO additional hawk watchers for the entire season.
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The Big Anchorage Birding Day – March, 2016

Saturday – March 18-19, 2016

Celebrate the First Day of Spring with

The Big Anchorage Birding Day

Another Audubon Cutthroat Competition!!

Next week it’ll be Spring, and what better way to celebrate than by scouring the Anchorage Municipality for birds. From Eklutna to Portage–How many species can your team find in 24 hours from 5:00 PM on Friday March 18, 2016 until 5:00 PM on Saturday March 19, 2016?

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Gunsight Mountain Hawk Watch – April 16 – 17, 2016

Gunsight Mountain Hawk Watch

at Milepost 118.8 of the Glenn Highway


Our Annual HawkWatch Weekend in collaboration with the Mat-Su Birders will take place on April 16 – 17th, 2016.
Hawkwatch - Crowd Looking Up

Hawkwatch – Crowd Looking Up

Celebrate the return of spring migrating raptors with this annual Anchorage Audubon first field trip of the spring. Migrating raptors that can be seen along the ridgeline near MP 118.8 include golden eagle, red-tailed hawk, rough-legged hawk, sharp-shinned hawk, northern goshawk, American kestrel, peregrine falcon and merlin.

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