Anchorage Area Rarity – Ruff – September 24, 2017

Location:  Point Campbell Park mudflats – Anchorage, AK

First Seen:  September 24, 2017

Last Seen:  September 24, 2017

Discovered by:  First observed, positively ID’ed, and reported by Peter S..  Seen and later confirmed by Enric F., Tim S., and Eric Y. Seen by numerous other birders including Brad B., Andrew F., and Keith C.  Last seen by Andrew F.

Relative Rarity:  Very rare for Anchorage with three (3) other prior records (according to the eBird database). … Read the rest

Anchorage Area Rarity – Sabine’s Gull – July 29, 2017

Location:  Between Chester Creek mouth and Lynn Ary Park (mudflats) – Anchorage, AK

First Seen:  July 29, 2017

Last Seen:  August 2, 2017 (continuing as of this date at Lynn Ary Park)

Discovered by:  First observed, positively ID’ed, and reported by Declan T..  Seen and confirmed by Enric F., W. Keys, and Eric Y. Seen by numerous other birders including Tim S., Lynn B., and Keith C.  … Read the rest

Beginning Birding Class Reminder – April 21, 2016 – April 20, 2016

Thursday – April 20, 2016

Beginning Birding Class This Thursday – April 20, 2016

Just a Reminder that Anchorage Audubon is presenting a course on “Birding for Beginners” Tomorrow night.  Everyone is welcome to learn what birding is all about.

Tell your friends who might be interested in a new way to see the world!  This evening will be a fabulous chance to learn about birdwatching without having to wear funny hats.  And of course, cookies will be served.

We’d Love to Have You Join Us:

Thursday, April 21, 2016:  7:00 pm

BP Energy Center


We’ve updated our website with a
complete schedule of Spring Events:

  1. The Beginning Birding Class – April 21, 2016
  2. The BLM Early Morning Bird Walks – May 5,12,19,26
  3. Mat-Su Birders’ Goose Bay Bird Walk – May 8, 2016
  4. Westchester Potluck and Pro-Am Bird Walk – May 26, 2016
  5. Statewide Shorebird Festivals


Beginning Birding Class – April 21, 2016 – April 18, 2016

Thursday – April 21, 2016

Beginning Birding Class

If you’re looking for the perfect way to learn what birding is all about, we will present a course in “Birding for Beginners” at our April 21 Meeting.  This is a fabulous opportunity to learn about Birds and Birding from the beginning, and it’s just in time for our Spring Migration arrivals.bbclass-1

W. Keys, Aaron Bowman, and the Audubon Board will attempt to cover it all in one evening:  What you need to begin,  How to use a field guide,  What to look for in the field,  Where to find birds in Anchorage,  How to use binoculars,  How to hear birds,  What is migration all about,  as well as basic bird identification and their incredible behaviors.  It’s a simple look into the wondrous events that are happening outside your living room window every single day.

Why do we like birding?  Author Thomas Dunlap said it best:  “It’s easy to begin and impossible fully to master.”


Everyone is welcome.  Bring the kids.  Tell your friends who might be interested in a new way to see the world!  This evening will be a fabulous chance to learn about birdwatching without having to wear funny hats.  And of course, cookies will be served.

We’d Love to Have You Join Us:

Thursday, April 21.   7:00 pm

BP Energy Center

The Best Alaskan Hawkwatch Article – April 6, 2016

The Best Alaskan Hawkwatch Article

The BEST Article Ever Written on Hawkwatching in Alaska!

the-best-alaskan-hawkwatch-articleA few years back, The American Birding Association’s magazine, Birding, ran an article about our own Gunsight Mountain Hawkwatch by Paul and Cecily Fritz.

The Fritzes led the hawkwatch effort at Gunsight Mountain for many years, and this article describes the site perfectly.  They explain why our hawkwatch is very different from most other hawkwatch sites in the country, which raptors can be seen, when they can be seen, and why the birds even fly in a strangely different direction.

(Website administrator edit on 3/10/2018:  The PDF of the article has been embedded here because it appears to be not longer available on Hawkwatch International’s website.  Special thanks and credit to Paul and Cecily Fritz and to Hawkwatch International.)

Hawkwatch - Paul and Celicy Fritz-1


We have a gem in our own backyard, and we’d love to see you sometime this spring at Gunsight Mountain!

The Hawks Are Here! – April 5, 2016

The Ultimate Hawkwatch at Gunsight Mountain – “The Harlan’s Hawk Capitol of the World”


This year, Hawkwatch International is once again monitoring the Gunsight Mountain Hawkwatch site, but this year it’s bigger than ever.  There will be 2 professional hawk watchers at the site from March 7 until May 15!

Paul and Cecily Fritz dreamed of such a full-scale monitoring effort twenty years ago, and it’s finally happened.

Last year Neil Paprocki manned the site for 2 weeks, and this year it’s the Full Deal.

In the past, Paul and Cecily usually started visiting the site around March 25, and by that date, the Golden Eagle migration was really starting to happen.  But Carol McIntyre (Denali Park biologist) had said that Goldens were on the nest in Denali around March 15.  Those birds take a different route than the Gunsight Goldens, but it would indicate that the birds were moving early in March.

Two weeks ago, the counters had a day with 229 Golden Eagles, and YESTERDAY, the first Rough-legged Hawks came through the sige.  Harlan’s Hawks have been seen for at least a week.
If you’d like to see their counts, they are posting daily results at:

Like last year, we are also asking for volunteers to help the observers.  Watching the whole sky for an entire day is hard work, and the more eyes the better.

If you want to join the counters for a day, please do so.  They’d love the assistance and the company, but be advised that the count may be taking place at Milepost 121 or Milepost 120 instead of the regular Hawkwatch Weekend site of mile 121.

Hawkmasters Davis and Rubenthaler would probably appreciate any fresh provisions you’d like to bring along, but please use disposable or recyclable dishes/utensils so they don’t have to worry about returning them.

Also please be advised that they have  job to do, so large groups of absolute beginners who need a personal course in Hawkwatching is not the most productive use of their time.  Fortunately, that’s EXACTLY what the Hawkwatch Weekend is for.

We hope to see you up the road.!


NO Audubon Meeting This Thursday – March 17, 2016 – March 14, 2016

NO Audubon Meeting This Thursday – March 17, 2016

Sorry for the confusion, but there is NO Audubon meeting this Thursday.

Our regular meeting has been replaced by Neil Paprocki’s special Hawkwatch Program on SATURDAY – March 19, 2016.


Neil Paprocki from Hawkwatch International

“The Gunsight Mountain Hawkwatch
Monitoring Program for 2016″


Our March 19 Meeting is TOTALLY DIFFERENT this year. It will NOT take place on our usual Third Thursday because of the availability of a Special Guest Star. Neil Paprocki from Hawkwatch International will present a SPECIAL program on The Gunsight Mountain Hawkwatch.

This year, for the First Time Ever, Hawkwatch International is monitoring our migration site for the full TEN WEEK Migration Season from March 7 thru May 15!  This is a dream collection of data that has been envisioned for 20 years.

Neil Paprocki and his team arrived at the sight on March 7, and will give us a glimpse into the early Golden Eagle migration, the results from last year’s limited monitoring of the site, and an overview of the Gunsight Mountain migration. This will be a total treat for all Raptor Fans, but EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT FOR THIS MEETING.

The Program will happen on SATURDAY, MARCH 19 at 7:30pm, and even the location is different. For this meeting ONLY, we will meet in the UAA Consortium Library, Room 307.

We hope you can join us, and there will be special scholastic cookies in honor of the UAA Library.