Annual Event – March 24-25, 2017

The Big Anchorage Birding Day

Celebrate the First Day of Spring with

another Audubon Cutthroat Competition!!

Believe it or not, Spring is on the way, and what better way to celebrate than by scouring the Anchorage Municipality for birds.

From Eklutna to Portage–How many species can your team find in 24 hours from 5:00 PM on Friday March 24, 2017 until 5:00 PM on Saturday March 25, 2017.

It’s a Big Day to usher in Spring. Who knows what will turn up?

It’s simple: Get a team together and go birding. All team members must see all birds counted by the team. (some exceptions apply for larger teams.)  Bird as much or as little of the 24 hours as you like. See them, hear them, and write them down.

Just register your team in advance by emailing

Send a donation to Anchorage Audubon ($5 per person with a maximum of $20 for the whole team) at PO Box 101161, Anchorage, AK  99510-1161.  Email your results to the same email address at the end of the day.  You can also give your payment to any Audubon Board Member.  Mailed registration payments MUST be postmarked by March 23 before the competition begins.

And there will be a CASH PRIZE!!!

One Dollar per species will be awarded to the winning team!  Imagine making money by going birding!   The winners could make as much as a whopping $35 or $40 for only 24 hours of work. That’s $1.67 per hour which is more than most birders earn in a lifetime! There’s no better way to welcome Spring!


  1. No Relays are Allowed.  At least one team member must be present during the entire competition day.  For example if John and Bob are the team, John may not bird half the day and turn it over to Bob for the rest of the day.
  2. Absences from the team:  If John and Bob start out at 7:00 AM and Bob is so lame he wants to eat lunch and take a nap, he can do so.  John can continue to bird and Bob can re-join the team later.  However, Bob CANNOT count anything he saw by himself while eating lunch.



Occasionally an after Big Day get together is informally organized to compare tales of woe and get your favorite “jabs” in on some of your opposing teammate members.  This year, I heard mention of either beers and/or booze, although a venue has not yet been decided.

The after Big Day get together is entirely optional and we would never condone such unfriendly and unhealthy activity anyway!


We hope you’ll all join us, and everyone is welcome!

An Anchorage Big Day Boreal Chickadee


Someone mentioned beer?

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