Anchorage Area Rarity – Hawfinch – March 2, 2017

Location:  Two locations in the same Hillside neighborhood:  1st Location:  Metz Court, 2nd Location:  Park Hills Drive – Anchorage, AK

First Seen:  February 28, 2017

Last Seen:  April 3, 2017 (continuing as of this date)

Discovered by:  Neighborhood resident.  First observed, positively ID’ed, photographed, and reported by Enric F.  Later seen, confirmed, and photographed by numerous other birders.

Relative Rarity:  First ever record for Anchorage or south-central Alaska for that matter!  Very rare for mainland Alaska with just a few eBird records from the Nome area in 2009. Casual in western and south-western Alaska with “two handfuls” of records from Attu, Adak, Gambell, St. Paul, Buldir Island, and Shemya Island.

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