Christmas Bird Count – December 2015


This year’s count will be Sunday December 19th followed by the Tally Party and Chili Feed Potluck at the UAA Student Union Cafeteria (same place as last year).

To sign up:   Register as a participant in the 2015 Christmas Bird Count at the National Audubon Christmas Bird Count site, Participation is free but National Audubon is always happy to accept an on line donation to continue their important work.

Contact your area leader.  A list of the leaders is below in case you already know who your leader is and want to contact him directly.    If you don’t already have a preferred area leader, you can choose the area of town where you would like to count from the map attached and contact that area leader for further instructions on when and where to meet.  If you have not participated in the past in your preferred Area, you must contact your Area Leader at least one week before the count date to participate in that area.

If you have problems registering, would like us to help you decide on an area or leader, or other questions contact me, Louann Feldmann, at or Susan Westervelt at  We guarantee a day of fun and delicious food!

Google Map of Anchorage’s CBC Circle with boundaries, phone numbers, meeting locations, and e-mail addresses.

And here’s the cool part.  Anchorage is always at the TOP of the list of national participants in the CBC.  This is not based on per capita–we have one of the highest absolute numbers of counters.  Last year, Anchorage logged the EIGHTH HIGHEST number of participants in the entire United States.  WE beat out New York, LA, Chicago, San Diego, and oodles more.  We totally rocked the Christmas Bird Count.  We hope you’ll join us so we can do it again.

The Christmas Bird Count (CBC) is an organized continent-wide survey that documents every bird seen on a given day from sunrise to sunset. Since the turn of the 20th century, the Christmas Bird Count has contributed to the knowledge base of wintering birds in North America. This information is also important to allow scientists to detect fluctuations and trends of birds over a period of years. The count is an all-day event open to anyone wishing to participate. This is an excellent opportunity for novice bird watchers to join with seasoned veterans and learn more about identifying and finding the local birds. Home feeder-watchers are also needed. I would like to particularly encourage anyone with feeders in the Anchorage area who can spare at least one hour to watch their feeders to participate. The Christmas Bird Count is online with data from 1900 to the present at



Area  Leader  E-mail  Phone
 1  Thede Tobish  343-7918
 2  Aaron Bowman ampbowman@gmailcom  343-9947
 3  Craig Wiese  563-0311
 4  Dick Prentki  333-4201
 5  Pat Pourchot  258-3003

Anchorage Audubon PDF of Christmas Bird Count map


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