Campbell Creek Estuary Birding This Friday – June 24, 2016

Campbell Creek Estuary Natural Area – “Little Sit”

Friday, June 24

160623-yellow-rumped-warblerThis Friday, June 24, Frank Clemens will be hosting a “Birding Topics & Tangents” little sit at the Beluga Overlook at Campbell Creek Estuary Natural Area from 6pm-9pm.
“We will, of course, bird and see who is resident in the area, but it will also be a time for discussion on all things birding and tangents such as optics, field guides, apps, and digiscoping.  Come join us for some birding and camaraderie.”


It’s a great outing for beginners and experienced birders alike.  Come and go as you can, but, in light of recent events, always be aware of your surroundings and watch for moose.

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