Volunteers Needed – May 13, 2017

Loon Cam Help Needed this Saturday

at Connors Lake – 1:00 PM

The Pacific Loons have arrived at Connors Lake, and Jean needs a few volunteers this Saturday to finish preparations of the island and camera system for this summer’s Loon Cam.

We especially need at least a couple of big strong handsome men and/or beautiful women who can help with a canoe and a couple of cement block anchors.… Read the rest

Event Wrap-up – 2017 Potluck Party and Pro-Am Bird Walk

Event Wrap-up – 2017 Potluck Party and Pro-Am Birdwalk

Last Thursday’s Westchester Lagoon Pro-Am Birding Challenge was a fabulous success!

It was hailing 5 minutes before the potluck started, but it stopped by the time the first pizza was consumed. When it was time to Bird, the sun was shining. It was a fabulous Spring Day in Alaska!

Twenty nine intrepid birders were in attendance including Cadia who is possibly the youngest birder ever to show up at an Anchorage Audubon event.

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Potter Marsh-A-Thon Birding Smackdown – June 4, 2017

The Potter Marsh-A-Thon Birding Smackdown

Not your Mother’s Birding Contest!

Once again it’s Anchorage’s greatest Birding Smackdown. How many bird species can your team find within Potter Marsh between 8:00 AM and Noon?  How much food can you bring to the Potluck Picnic immediately following the contest period at Noon?  Whose team has the best name?


Fabulous Prizes will be awarded for most species seen.

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USFWS Breeding Bird Surveys – Volunteers Needed – June 1 – July 8, 2017

USFWS Breeding Bird Surveys

volunteers needed for eighteen (18) select Alaska Locations

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) is looking for volunteers with a passion for birding in Alaska to conduct breeding bird surveys in eighteen (18) select locations throughout Alaska.

Background Information:

The Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) began in 1966 as part of an effort to gain information on North American bird populations.

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Anchorage Birding Guide – Cheney Lake Park

At a glance


Cheney Lake Park – Common Loon – May 21, 2015

Go here for

Ready access to Red-necked Grebes.  Decent chance at Common Loon and/or Pacific Loon.


2245 Baxter Road, Anchorage, AK 99504

Latitude and Longitude

61.2003 north latitude, -149.7630 west longitude (61.2003, -149.7630)


A beautiful lake surrounded by forest on the east side, the Chugach Range further on, and a very nice path that encircles the lake, Cheney Lake park offers a very low key location to whittle away an hour or two looking for Anchorage birds with good chances for Red-necked Grebes, Black-capped Chickadees, Hairy Woodpeckers, Boreal Chickadees with a fair chance for a Common or Pacific Loon in the spring.… Read the rest

Anchorage Area Rarity – Emperor Goose – April 15, 2017

Location:  Loussac Library (east side) – Anchorage, AK

First Seen:  April 15, 2017

Last Seen:  May 3, 2017 (continuing as of this date at Tina Lake near Dowling Road)

Discovered by:  First observed, positively IDed, and reported by Bob P..  Seen, confirmed, and further by Buzz S.  Seen by numerous other birders including Keith C.                                                                            Declan T, Gary R., Julie C, Larry R.… Read the rest