AAS Mission

Our mission:

The Anchorage Audubon Society offers bird watching field trips, monthly meetings & natural history programs, newsletters, and special events to highlight birds, wildlife, and conservation issues. The Anchorage Audubon Society is a all-volunteer non-profit chapter of the National Audubon Society. We focus on the conservation of southcentral Alaska ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit and enjoyment of current and future generations.

AAS Board

AAS Board

Executive Board Members

President – W. Keys – cic@anchorageaudubon.org

Vice President – Susan Westervelt – vicepres@anchorageaudubon.org

Secretary – Daria O. Carle – secretary@anchorageaudubon.org

Treasurer – Barbara Krizman – treasurer@anchorageaudubon.org

Board Members

Karen Pfeifer – Hospitality Chair – hospitality@anchorageaudubon.org

Louann Feldmann – Education Chair – education@anchorageaudubon.org

Louann Feldmann – Christmas Bird Count Chair – cbc@anchorageaudubon.org

Vivian Mendenhall – Conservation Chair – conservation@anchorageaudubon.org

Jean Tam – Gift Table Chair – gifts@anchorageaudubon.org

Jean Tam – Loon Cam Project – looncam@anchorageaudubon.org

Dianne Toebe – Membership Chair – membership@anchorageaudubon.org

Andrew Fisher – Field Trip Chair – fieldtrips@anchorageaudubon.org

Keith Confer – Website Chair – website@anchorageaudubon.org