Birding with the Anchorage Audubon Society (AAS)
Conserving Habitat with AAS
Participating with AAS Makes Anchorage a Greener Place to Live, Work & Play

Membership in the Anchorage Audubon Society is an investment in the future, for the birds, their habitats, and your community. We are one of the most dynamic Audubon chapters in the state, but we need your active participation to continue the struggle for conservation and to enhance the citizen-science, fun, and camaraderie of birding!

When you join National Audubon Society, you are automatically made a ‘member’ of your corresponding local chapter.

You can join National Audubon with our local Chapter Code automagically entered at this link:

Join the National Audubon Society – Anchorage Audubon Society (Chapter Code A50)

Thank you for your support!