Our membership meetings are open to the public.

The meetings are free and refreshments are served.

The Anchorage Audubon Society – a chapter of the National Audubon Society, meets the third Thursday of each month from September to May at 7:00 pm at the BP Energy Center in Anchorage.

The BP Energy Center is located at 900 E. Benson Blvd., Anchorage, AK

Directions: If northbound on New Seward Hwy., turn right into
BP’s southwest entrance. Turn right at the first stop sign into the BP Energy Center parking lot.
If eastbound on Benson Blvd., turn right into BP’s main entrance. Turn right and follow access road to 4-way stop. Continue through intersection into the BP Energy Center parking lot. Follow footpath through woods to building entrance.

BP Energy Center

Membership Meeting – Thursday, April 20, 2017

Adventures in India

at the BP Energy Center – 7:00 PM

Our April Program is another first for Anchorage Audubon.  We have never had a presentation on the birds and wildlife of India, and this will be an unbelievable treat.  Julie Jessen is a stunning photographer with amazing stories to tell.

Imagine India and you may think of big cities and people…but do you think about wildlife?

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Membership Meeting – Thursday, March 16, 2017

Beginning Birding Class

The Perfect Opportunity to Learn

What This Crazy Addiction Is All About!

at the BP Energy Center – 7:00 PM

If you’re looking for the perfect way to learn what birding is all about, we will present a course in “Birding for Beginners” at Anchorage Audubon’s March 16 Meeting.  This is a fabulous opportunity to learn about Birds and Birding from the beginning, and it’s just in time for our Spring Migration arrivals.

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Membership Meeting – Thursday, February 16, 2017

Lynn Barbers’ Record Breaking Alaska Big Year

 at the BP Energy Center – 7:00 PM

lynn-barber-alaska-big-yearLynn Barber holds the record for the tenth highest North American Big Year total ever.  When she found 723 birds in 2008, it was the highest Big Year total ever for a woman.  She set the Texas Big Year all-time record (522 species) in 2005, she found 350 species in one year in South Dakota, and this year she has already smashed all existing records for an Alaska Big Year by finding 299 species thus far (as of October 9, 2016, 307 species to round out the year)

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Christmas Bird Count – Saturday, December 17, 2016

Christmas Bird Count and Tally Potluck Chili Feed

 at the First Congregational Church, 2610 E. Northern Lights Blvd – 5:00 PM


This year’s count will be Satchristmas-bird-count-transparenturday, December 17th followed by the Tally Party and Chili Feed Potluck at the First Congregational Church, 2610 E. Northern Lights Blvd. just east of Lake Otis. 

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Membership Meeting – Thursday, January 19, 2017

Birding the Ebro Delta and Catalonia, Spain

 at the BP Energy Center – 7:00 PM

The Ebro Delta is the largest wetland in Catalonia (Spain), and one of the most important bird areas in the western Mediterranean Sea with over 300 species of overwintering and transient birds including the awesome and unique Hoopoe. Come and learn about this important bird area and others in Catalonia with Enric Fernandez, who lived in Spain for 22 years before moving to Alaska.

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Membership Meeting – Thursday, November 17, 2016

An Introduction to the Birds of Hawaii

 at the BP Energy Center – 7:00 PM

Just this week, the American Birding Association announced that they are adding Hawaii to the official ABA “North American Area.”

This is simultaneously a great idea and a Big Fat Mess.  Everything from ABA Life Lists to Big Years is now changed with the addition of new “countable” birds, and we’ll attempt to put it all in perspective at our November program on Thursday, November 17.

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Membership Meeting – Thursday, October 20, 2016

Bird Feeders in Alaska

at the BP Energy Center – 7:00 PM

161009-feeder-1-boreal-chickadeeIn case you haven’t noticed, it’s Fall.  That means it’s time to stock up the bird feeders, and our October Audubon Program features “Bird Feeders in Alaska.

”According to the latest estimates, over 52 Million Americans feed birds and other wildlife at their homes.   It’s great citizen science, it’s great fun, and we’ll present a rundown of types of food for birds, types of feeders, and other tips for attracting wildlife to your yard.

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Membership Meeting – Thursday, December 15, 2016

Birding with the Big 5: A Look into Remote

Kenyan Birding Adventures

 at the BP Energy Center – 7:00 PM


Come learn about some of the remote and adventurous birding locations in Kenya, East Africa, with Andrew Fisher, who spent 14 years there getting to know African wildlife. He will share some of his favorite birding locations, when to go, what species to look for, and share fun stories of getting stuck in the mud, camping with elephants, and where and when to not get out of your vehicle.

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Membership Meeting – Thursday, September 15, 2016

Potluck & Photo Sharing

 at the BP Energy Center – 6:30 PM

 Join us Thursday, Sept. 15, 2016  fwhimbrelor Anchorage Audubon’s Annual End-Of-Summer Potluck Party and bring your favorite photos of your summer adventures.

Get together with your birding pals and share photos, tasty treats, and tall tales.  Bring a dish to share—Hot Or Cold but no plug-in heating devices are allowed in the room. 

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General Membership Meeting – January 2016

Thursday – January 21, 2016

Bosque del Apache

by Jules Tileston

at the BP Energy Center

7:00 PM

Image by: Jules V. Tileston

Image by: Jules V. Tileston

Our January program will be another “Must See” for birders.  Jules Tileston will take us on a photo journey to The Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge south of Albuquerque.

Bosque del Apache is one of the premier birding destinations in the Southwest, and Jules will share highlights of his three trips to the Refuge.

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General Membership Meeting – December 2015

Thursday – December 10, 2015

Rare Birds of Alaska and Some Common Birds in Focus

by David Sonneborn

at the BP Energy Center

7:00 PM

160110 - David Sonneborn

160110 – David Sonneborn

David Sonneborn is legendary among Alaskan birders as the person with the highest Alaska bird list total of all time at some 419 species.  He has probably seen more rare birds in Alaska than anyone else, and he’ll share his amazing journey into the world of Alaskan rarities with us as we head into Christmas Bird Count season. 

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General Membership Meeting – November 2015

Thursday – November 19, 2015

stories from the book

“Animal Stories:  Encounters with Alaska’s Wildlife”

by Bill Sherwonit

at the BP Energy Center

7:00 PM

Animal Stories: Encounters with Alaska's Wildlife

Animal Stories: Encounters with Alaska’s Wildlife

Bill Sherwonit presents:

Animal Stories: Encounters with Alaska’s Birds and Other Wildlife that Enrich our Lives.

Anchorage nature writer and author Bill Sherwonit will give a talk and reading based on his newest book, “Animal Stories.”

Bill’s book ranges from “wood frogs to redpolls and shrews to lynx and wolverines.”  Nick Jans wrote, “Bill Sherwonit’s three-plus decades of experience with Alaska wildlife, and his love for them all, from grizzlies to robins, shines forth.”

We are proud to be sharing an evening with the author of essays that were chosen for inclusion in “the Best American Science and Nature Writing Anthology.”

That’s a reason to serve cookies!
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General Membership Meeting – October 2015

Thursday – October 15, 2015

Birding Panama

by Barb & Hank Krizman

at the BP Energy Center

7:00 PM

Keel-billed Toucan

Keel-billed Toucan

Join us for a great tropical adventure as seen through the lenses of two stunning photographers—Barb and Hank Krizman.

Their recent trip to Panama yielded a treasure trove of incredible birds that they’ll share with us.
It’s just the kind of warmth we need when the snow starts to fall.

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