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   Brownlee-KodiakGroupHikeTerminationPt.jpgAnchorage Audubon field trips and events are open to the public unless stated otherwise in the field trip announcement! We welcome all ages and levels of birders and non-birders on our trips. Contact trip leader for more information about each field trip, or contact Field Trip Coordinator Aaron Bowman, 563-0151. We strongly encourage carpooling on all our field trips if possible.

Anchorage Audubon is very grateful to the wonderful field trip leaders who volunteer their time and share their extensive knowledge of birds and natural history. We could not offer these excellent field trips without you! Thank you to Chris Maack, Delesta Fox, John Wenger, Dianne Toebe, Mr. Whitekeys, Aaron Bowman, Sirena Brownlee, Kenna Sue Trickey, Bob Dittrick, Paul Fritz, and Joanna Hubbard.

The calendar includes Audubon sponsored field trips, monthly membership meetings, and other events and trips that may be of interest to the members of the Chapter.

JUNE 2015:

Saturday, June 20
Arctic Valley Bird/Plant Walk
Arctic Valley Parking Lot  
9:00 am

    Join walk leader Dianne Toebe for a fabulous hike up Arctic Valley.  Meet at the Arctic Valley parking lot at 9:00am and let's find out what's there.  Everyone is invited for a mildly strenuous high country walk, and we hope to see you there.

MAY 2015:

Thursday, May 28
Early Morning Bird Walk
BLM Campbell Creek Science Center   
6:30 am--8:30 am

    Thursday mornings in May (except May 1)   Early Morning Bird Walks happen from 6:30am until 8:30am.  The walks are hosted by Aaron Bowman, Audubon Board Members, and the staff of the Campbell Creek Science Center.  There will be an emphasis on birding by ear, and expected species include Varied Thrush, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, American Dipper, and possibly other thrushes. 
    Meet at the Campbell Creek Science Center parking lot at 6:20am.  Bring binoculars and clothing suitable for a nippy early morning walk on dirt trails. 

Thursday, May 28  6:00 pm
Monthly Meeting Potluck and Bird Walk
Westchester Lagoon Boat Launch Parking Lot   

    Because Spring Birding is at it’s peak, Anchorage Audubon has decided to CANCEL our regular third-Thursday monthly program at the BP Energy Center and have a party instead.  
    It’s a potluck, a chance to tell birding lies, and a chance to casually stroll around the Westchester Lagoon area with other birders looking for new arrivals.  PLEASE NOTE that we've pushed the date back one week because the weather is totally guaranteed to be warmer.
    Bring a dish to share, tales to tell, binoculars, and gear appropriate for the day’s weather.  We’ll bring plates, utensils, and Audubon Society approved napkins for sloppy eaters.
    The Bird Walk will be our annual Birder's Pro-Am Tournament.  Experienced birders will pair off with beginners, and launch into a 30-minute mad dash to see who can find the most species in the area immediately surrounding the Potluck site.  .
Saturday, May 30  
The Potter Marsh-a-Thon Birding Smackdown
Potter Marsh, 8:00am--Noon

    Once again it's Anchorage’s greatest Birding Smackdown. How many bird  species can your team find within Potter Marsh between 8:00 am and Noon?  How much food can you bring to the Potluck Picnic immediately following the contest period at Noon?  Whose team has the best name?  
    Fabulous Prizes will be awarded for most species seen. Teams may consist of 2-6 people.  The team must remain within voice or sight contact and must fit into one vehicle.  Species may only be counted if they are seen/heard by the entire team (Exceptions:  6-person teams may count birds seen by 5 members, and 5-person teams may count birds seen by 4 members.)  
    Check-In is at 7:30 am in the parking lot at the north end of the marsh.  Teams will be given a check list and a Potter Marsh map on which to log the location of each species seen.  At the end of the contest, species locations will be plotted on a gigantic master map to allow all participants to re-locate desired species.  Entry fee is $20.00 per team.  Exact Change is required. The Official Smackdown ends precisely at Noon.  Teams will be penalized one species per minute late. 
    Birds may be counted Only if seen from designated roads and trails in the Potter Marsh area.  No stopping or walking will be allowed on the West side of the New Seward Highway. Birds seen in non-designated areas may be counted if the observers are standing within a designated area.

    SPECIAL SAFETY RULES:  No stopping is allowed on the New Seward Highway except in designated turn-outs on the East side of the highway, and pulling into the designated turn-outs is only allowed for vehicles traveling NORTH.  Parking in a manner that blocks other teams from using a pull-out will result in a penalty of 15 species.  
    Everybody is welcome, so assemble your team, whip up a dish to share, and meet us Saturday Morning at 7:30 for a hilarious birding field trip with Fabulous Prizes!  Birding will be limited to the Potter Marsh area, and who knows what rarities will show up when there are birders combing every inch of an area that usually just gets the once-over.  

    Will Audubon Alaska get their clock cleaned by Anchorage Audubon?  Can members of the Mat-Su Birders hang with the guys from the big city?  If you don’t have a team, show up anyway and we’ll try to assemble teams on the spot.    It’s the anti-social event of the ornithological season.  
    If another team won’t tell you where they just saw a Pectoral Sandpiper, you are totally allowed to use “enhanced interrogation techniques.”  This is not your Mother’s Birding Contest.  We hope to see you May 30 at the Potter Marsh North Parking Lot.  


Friday, July 31  
Westchester Lagoon Shorebird Walk
6:30 pm--8:30 pm
    Join Aaron Bowman for a walk on the Coastal Trail overlooking the mudflats.  The targets are Anchorage's wide array of migrating shorebirds, some of which will be heading south.  Bring binoculars and a spotting scope if you have one.  Some birds may be distant.  Walking distance will be a leisurely 1-2 miles.  Meet at the Westchester Lagoon north boat launch.