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Connors Lake Loon Cam - 2012

The Loon Cam is back.  Big Thank You's to the co-sponsors of this season's live streaming video: Cornell Lab of Ornithology's NestCams program ( and Alaska Dispatch (!

Here's what has been happening on Connors Lake in Anchorage:

May 1 -- Ice out
May 2 -- Male Pacific Loon arrives
May 4 -- Volunteers prepare and anchor the island in the lake.  See slide show and story by Alaska Dispatch at 
May 7 -- Female loon arrives.
May 8, evening -- The pair is seen copulating on the nest area.
May 11 -- Shore camera is installed.
May 19, 8:30 pm -- First egg is laid.
May 22 -- Second egg is laid in the early morning.
May 25 -- Cornell begins video streaming at


June 13 -- First chick hatches.

June 14 -- Second chick hatches.

June 24 -- One chick disappears.

Mid-August -- Surviving chick fledges (leaves lake).


To contribute to the Loon Cam project, please make checks out to Anchorage Audubon Society with "Loon Cam" in the memo line. A video of the highlights of the 2003 season is available for a donation of $50. Please specify VHS videotape or DVD. Mail donations to:

Loon Cam Project
Anchorage Audubon Society

        P.O. Box 101161

        Anchorage, AK 99510

Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.

2006 Photos: