Event Wrap-up – 2017 Potluck Party and Pro-Am Bird Walk

Event Wrap-up – 2017 Potluck Party and Pro-Am Birdwalk

Last Thursday’s Westchester Lagoon Pro-Am Birding Challenge was a fabulous success!

It was hailing 5 minutes before the potluck started, but it stopped by the time the first pizza was consumed. When it was time to Bird, the sun was shining. It was a fabulous Spring Day in Alaska!

Twenty nine intrepid birders were in attendance including Cadia who is possibly the youngest birder ever to show up at an Anchorage Audubon event.

Cadia – The youngest (undocumented) ever birder at an Anchorage Audubon Event!

Louann’s Team crushed the competition with 21 species found in 30 minutes. Second place was an 18 species tie between Trapper Dan’s team and the Big Sit Team led by Dianne Toebe and Keith Confer.

Any day that includes birding, pizza, competition, AND a rainbow has to be a great one!

The Big Sit Team tied for 2nd without even moving from the starting point!

We hope to see you at This Sunday’s Smackdown for an even more serious competition.

Twenty nine intrepid birds are all smiles as they brave the elements.


Weather ranged from hail to rain to sprinkles to sunshine and to this odd weather phenomenon.

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