Anchorage Area Rarity – Common Murre

The Common Murre

Location:  Anchorage, AK – Mouth of Ship Creek/Port of Anchorage

First Seen:  March 6, 2015

Last Seen:  March 6, 2015

Discovered by: Peter Scully

Relative Rarity:  Casual in Anchorage (except seemingly in 2015).  Another group of eight birds reported by Peter Scully off Pt. Woronzoff on March 7, 2015, Another group of two birds reported by Peter Scully off the Kincaid Park Motocross Track on March 8, 2015.  Between three and ten birds seen by many off Pt. Woronzoff on July 17, 2015 and finally another single bird off the Audubon Bench on the Anchorage Coastal Trail on July 29, 2015.  2015 was a banner year for Common Murre in Anchorage, AK!

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