Potluck Party and Pro-Am Bird Walk – May 26, 2016

Potluck Party and Pro-Am Birdwalk

May 26, 2016

Thursday evening, May 26, Anchorage Audubon presents one of our favorite yearly events. It’s a potluck, a chance to tell birding lies, and a chance to casually stroll around the Westchester Lagoon area with other birders looking for new arrivals.

This replaces our usual monthly indoor meeting, and it’s a chance to get outdoors with your birding pals—-but wait–there’s more!

After we’ve devoured everything on the potluck tables, we’ll choose up sides.  Experienced birders will lead teams of less-experienced birders, and they will have 30 minutes only to scour Westchester Lagoon.  Prizes will be awarded to the teams that find the most species in only 30 minutes.  It’s a birding sprint, and everyone is invited!


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